The 7 Best Must-Read Young Adult Book Series

If you love YA novels, then these are the series that you can’t miss.

The young adult fiction genre has been adding some awesome books to personal, public, and ebook library shelves. Both stand-alone and series books have been taking off explosively!

It’s no wonder why. There have been some fun, unique, and genuinely captivating reads tossed into the mix over the last while. Readers of all ages are grabbing hold of the latest in young adult fiction at the same time that they reach back through the decades and centuries to some of the classics that are timeless enough to keep their audiences entranced.

Check out this list of young adult series favs. Obviously, this is far from a complete list. It is just a mention of the top few that are making waves in today’s reading scene based on results from sources like Goodreads, Google, Amazon, and others.

Warning: each series on this list is accompanied by a brief summary. While it has been written to provide the type of information you’d find on the back of the book so that there won’t be any spoilers, if you were hoping to start to read one of these books without any prior knowledge whatsoever, you might want to stop here.

The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games – Root for Katniss Everdeen, the tough, independently-minded teen whose story begins on the day of the “reaping”, when tributes are chosen to take part in the Hunger Games. For purposes ranging from politics to sheer twisted entertainment, these representatives are pitted against each other to see which one will stay alive.


TwilightTwilight – Follow Bella Swan, as she arrives in the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her father, after having moved away from her mother in Phoenix, Arizona. She quickly finds herself facing danger – and one heck of a deadly crush – when she meets Edward Cullen, a vampire.


Perspective - Love at First PlightPerspective – Set on the world of Qarradune, this story begins with Love at First Plight, in which you meet Megan Wynters, an 18 year-old from Earth, and Irys Godeleva, a young lady of about the same age from Syliza, a country that is somewhat like a Victorian England-spinoff. The story of these books is told from each of the points of view of these two young women, as they fight with everything that they know to save each other, stay alive, and discover what is truly going on around them.


DivergentDivergent – This series drops you into a futuristic dystopian society that is broken down into five different factions. Each one represents a different virtue. Adolescents in this world need to decide whether they want to remain within their current faction or transfer to another one. Their choice will decide the path for the rest of their lives. In the case of Tris Prior, the selection she makes shocks everyone around her. Tris and the rest of her faction must then make their way through a brutal initiation process to be able to live with their choices.


The Maze RunnerThe Maze Runner – Thomas awakens on an elevator, one day, with only one memory: his name. Everything other than that is a mystery. When the doors to the elevator open, a group of teenage boys – who also remember only their names – pull him into a glade.


The 100The 100 – Following the destruction of Earth by nuclear war, the only remaining humans return to the planet after having lived on the Ark space station for 97 years. The decision is made to send 100 young prisoners to the surface, where they quickly establish a “no law” government system. Soon, though, the 100 discover that they are not alone, and must adapt rapidly to their new lives.


The SelectionThe Selection – This series combines romance with a dystopian society as America Singer finds herself among 35 young women who are chosen in a type of lottery to live in a palace and vie for the heart and hand of the handsome Prince Maxon. Unfortunately for America, her heart already belonged to Aspen, a young man who is trapped in a caste below her own. Living in the palace proves to be a far different experience than America had expected, and even as they suffer violent attacks from rebels, she finds herself questioning the plans that she has previously made for herself and opening her mind to different possibilities for the future.

Don’t see your favourite young adult fiction series there? Your own additions are welcome in the comments, below.


About Julie B Campbell

Julie B. Campbell is a fiction author and freelance writer living in Canada. She is the the co-author of a published and soon-to-be top-selling fantasy young adult book series called Perspective (Book 1: "Love at First Plight"), along with co-author Amanda Giasson. Julie has previously written children's books such as "The Elephant-Wolf" and "Finding Manda's Sunshine". She owns her own professional writing services company called JBC Online, which was founded in 2002. Julie is also a rosacea sufferer and blogs about the subject, including topics such as natural rosacea treatments and her success with red light therapy and amber light therapy. Follow on Google+

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